Sharing Some Technical Stuff

Here is a list of technical features in our upcoming game:

  • Real time soft-shadows for every object in the game
  • Normal-specular mapping
  • Dynamic objects (you can actually lift almost every object in the game), breakable objects.
  • Ragdoll physics
  • Water physics
  • Physics particles
  • Post process effects: blur, explosion distortion

Real-time soft shadow maps on dynamic objects. We use perspective shadow mapping without any depth check for the sake of performance. But as you can see, our objects can receive shadows as well. This was made by using two shadow maps instead one: high and low quality. The rest is proper marking – objects is receiver or shadow caster. Particles, sprites can be shadow casters too!

In the image on the left – windmill wings are shadow casters, both for high quality and low quality maps. Rock and barrel are low quality receivers and casters for high quality map.

We use optimized Blinn-Phong shading model for normal mapping. Also we use Uber Shader system – combined multiple effects from various shaders into one mega-shader for easy switching and development productivity.

Physic plays a major role in our game. You’ll be able to lift and carry objects with you. All player movement is physics based which enables to create new game play elements such as ropes, interaction with enemies, water swimming and so on. All enemies have a ragdolls constructed on death (even a fish!), so you will never see repetitive death animation.

It’s worth noting that our game runs pretty smoothly (35-45fps) on the first generation iPad.

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